Bulk Domain Availability Checker Tool

Check whether the domain name chosen by you is available to buy or already taken, through our free tool.

Bulk Domain Availability Checker

Enter your domain name suggestions or ideas into Rankvy's Domain name availability checker tool to find whether they
are available or not merely in seconds. Currently, we support 40+ TLD and 10+ ccTLD.

Find Domain Name for Business with Domain
Availability checker tool

A domain name for your business website is more like the name of the person with which they are known for the entire life to come. A right name rather than a vague name entices people to click on the link and see what the website is about.

Are you thinking to start a new website? If so, have you found the ideal domain name or not? You might be going through tons of articles online telling you how to choose and what factors to consider?

This way, you end up wasting your precious time which would have been used to work on driving results.

First, understand what your business is about and whom will you serve? Then go for deciding name. You might end up with 100's of names on the sheet.

Later, entering it one by one into the domain name search availability tool to check if its available for buying or already sold.

There is one shortcut instead of reloading the page again and again. Bulk Domain Authority Checker solved this problem forever.

How to check domain name availability status?

  • Just collect the list of names you have thought, copy and paste the list into the checker, or you can enter directly (without http or https)
  • For now, you can enter upto 1000 domain names and click on the button below to get results within 2-3 seconds
  • Moreover, if you find copy-pasting or entering the names hard then you have the upload option also
  • Click on that and upload the file. Make sure the data is in CSV format only
  • If the name is available, the status will show in green color otherwise red color
  • Alongside, if the name is available, the action tab will show register icon which will take you to the GoDaddy register page from where you can buy the domain and start working on it
  • Deadline guarantee and pricing under your budget considering the requirements
  • In the end, you will also have the option to download the report in Excel CSV format Don't think twice while searching. It is the easiest, reliable, and fastest way to check availability status

Why Choose Rankvy's Bulk Domain Availability Checker Tool?

There are many reasons to love this simple yet smart tool.

No Login Required

No limit, search as many domains you want

Check domains in bulk

Register name easily

Download the file easily for future reference

Hardly takes 2-3 seconds to check 1000 domain name availability status

Choice of professionals

Saves time and simple to use

No fee

Support 40 TLD's and 10+ ccTLD's

Keep this tool in your favourites seo tool list and take it out whenever you feel the need to check whether the domain names selected by you available to buy or already sold. Poof, the hassle of entering a single name and waiting for results. Try it now, and you will come back again tomorrow

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