Track and Monitor Backlinks of Your Website Quickly

Rankvy SEO tools made backlink monitoring simple and quick. Just put your site backlinks into the tool and stay updated with their status 24/7 without working manually.

Importance and Usage of Backlinks Monitor Tool

A site backed by high-quality backlinks is eligible to rank high in search results. The Google algorithms keep updating on frequently and to cope up with it, some changes are necessary.

Most of the sites online suffer and realise a rapid drop in traffic due to their bad or spammy link profile. In the long run, they face penalties from search engines. It can happen with your site also provided the backlinks are not of high quality or from bad sources.

No one likes to see their hard work going in vain. It hardly matters if your site content is top-notch with SEO done well if the links made to the pages are not right. Link Building is the integral part of Search Engine Optimisation. If done correctly has the power to take your site from page 10 to page 1 in one shot.

It’s hard to do backlinks analysis daily or keep an eye on it manually if the list is quite long. Don't worry; you need not to copy-paste and pass it through some tool every time. This way, save your time.

Get the status of the links you made long back or recently in one click. Our Backlink Monitoring tool is here to do all the work for you.

Common issues noticed by Rankvy Backlinks Monitor Tool

Our Backlink Monitor is of the best seo tool here to help you sort out the issues related to link creation. Whenever you gain plenty of links from different websites in your niche, it's hard to keep an eye on it as to whether they are still live or gone. Our tool tackle with all such issues. Here below, we listed some of the common errors that you come across while creating links for your site:

  • Status Changed - It may happen that you have obtained Do-Follow type link from some website, but now the status is changed to No Follow. It means the Google crawler will not crawl that link and no link juice passed. The case is worse if you have paid money also.

  • Page Indexing - The page from where you got the link is on No Index. The webmaster may have added No Index tag without informing you which knocked down the page rankings and exists no more on the radar of Google. No use of getting links from such pages as they hold no value.

  • Website Down - The site or specific page from where you have obtained the link is down most of the times. You cannot bring it back to life but what's the use of having a link on the page which is down. Money and time have gone waste.

  • Page not found - What if that specific page of the website is not found and shows 404 error. You better be aware of such pages.

  • Link Removed - The webmaster intentionally removed the link of your website without informing you. In case, you have submitted a guest post to get that specific link then all the efforts wasted. We make you aware of such instances.

  • Anchor Text Changed - The text on which hyperlink is placed is called Anchor Text. The webmaster may modify the text due to any reason, and you will not get notified.

Being a webmaster, the chances are you may have experienced these issues before also. But earlier, you might not know or find it hard to deal with them. Herewith our, Backlinks Monitoring Tool, you will be notified about even the minute changes done to your site backlinks.
Whenever we come across such error, an email will be sent to you right away.
If you think the tool is hard to use our tool, then relax its easy as counting 1,2,3….

Features of Rankvy's Backlink Monitor Tool

  • Unlimited Projects Organise and add new projects to monitor easily. Add as many sites you want without any limitation and get backlinks report immediately. Get real-time updates 24/7.

  • Updated Metrics Backlink Monitor Tools shows you the status of your site backlinks in one click. Quickly check whether they live, deleted or changed, etc., and status updated simultaneously in the dashboard.

  • Daily Check Once you add your site in our tool, we keep checking it every 24 hours to notice any changes in attributes. We know how a small change can significantly impact the link profile of the website.

  • Link Opportunities Your site growth depends upon the links you have created so far. Whenever we come across some site relevant to your niche, we let you know. Easily outreach them.

  • Recover Lost Links We know you work hard to gain links from high authority sites. Whenever your website link gets removed due to any reason, we notify you via email alert instantly.

  • Filter and Upload Using filter, quickly check the type of backlinks you would like to see. Also, upload the backlinks list of your site in CSV format and start tracking them.